On the 20th of August 1993 Nelson Mandela won the nobel peace prize, on this very same day Bernard Delfgaauw, a dutch philosopher dies at the age of 80. Roughly 250 miles away in Stuggart, Germany; Welsh athelete Colin Jackson sets the record for the fastest 110m hurdles. Had these three people wanted eggs in the USA - on this day - they would have payed $0.87. Little to their knowledge, at 7:40am at Hexham General Hospital, Great Britain Adam Shiel was born.
ɐɟɟɐƃ uı pǝpuǝdsns


Fucking love Miranda sings <3

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good thing he’s buying pampers cause he just shat his pants


good thing he’s buying pampers cause he just shat his pants

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Sculptures by Livio Scarpella 

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Alexander McQueen - Savage Beauty Collection

  • Far Away
Far Away by CocoRosie & Radio Symphony Orchestra
FM4 Radio Session



"The Earth is my creator."

Happy Earth Day!

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'Βroken GIFS'

these are the single most terrifying things ive seen on this fucking website

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